Smolt production in the future

This year's conference will be a virtual conference on October 21st. More information coming.


We are working to get English translation in place, but it will not be cleared until after the summer

Norwegian salmon farming

The export value of Norwegian salmon farming in 2019 was 72.5 billion NOK. A smolt production that is sustainable and oriented towards the future will be decisive for future growth

Closed-containment aqauculture systems

Smoltification protocols, genetics for RAS, disinfection, microbial composition of RAS water, H2S, use of membrane filtration as a prevention against H2S toxicity and the results from ongoing projects with semi-closed containment systems will be the main topics at the sixth conference on recirculation in aquaculture that will take place on October 21st, 2020.  

Topics for the conference in 2020

  • Future production in closed containment systems
  • Smoltification protocols in RAS: Are we on the right track? 
  • Genetics for RAS 
  • Research for Atlantic salmon in closed containment system 

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